DU Recorder APP: Download The Updated Version For Free (2024)

DU Recorder is one of the well-known screen recorder apps available for Android and Ios mobile operating systems.

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The main reason that it became such a popular app is it provides some unique screen recording features to the users.

So there are millions of smartphone users who use the DU Recorder app every day for screen recording purposes.

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DU Recorder App System Compatibility

DU Recorder is a seamless screen recording apps that are usually compatible with many types of devices.

This application is primarily developed for android and ios devices.

However, you can use it on many other devices such as smartphones, PC, Mac, and so on.

When it comes to the android operating system, you should have at least a 4.1 or above version of an android OS to download on your android device.

If it is an ios device like iPhone or iPad, you have to have the latest ios operating system on your device to use the DU Recorder screen recorder application.

The application is a lightweight app, and the installation is pretty much straightforward.

The only thing you have to do is visit the respective repository according to your device and download the DU Recorder app.

How to Troubleshoot Common DU Recorder issues?

DU Recorder is one of the simplest mobile applications available to record your screen.

It has an easy-to-understand user interface on the application dashboard.

There you have to tap on when you want to “record” the screen and tap on the “stop” button when you want to stop recording.

The only thing that could go wrong with this app is that you are not using the latest version.

The developers of the DU Recorder app releases frequent updates, including new features and improvements.

So make sure your DU Recorder app is up to date.

There are two ways that you can update the application.

The first one is by clicking on the update notification that you will receive on your app dashboard and,

Another way is to visit this website to get the latest updates.

If your app getting crashed or has similar problems, please delete the app and reinstall it on your device.

DU Recorder Changelog

Version 2.4.4 – Latest

  • Added new features
  • Improved UI

Version 2.4.4

  • Introduced fast recording
  • Fixed crash reports

Version 2.4.3

  • Added new screen recording features
  • Fixed forced closing down issues
  • Enhanced the operating effectiveness